Banana Boat Rides – Tanjung Benoa, Bali

Banana Boat Rides

As one of water sport activities which can be done in any weather, this activities use a large size of inflatable boat shaped like banana. Tanjung Benoa is a favorite place to have this banana boat rides.

Lots  of local and foreign tourists try this game, This giant banana shaped boat can be boarded by five tourists and one professional guide. Such as horseback riding, the boat will be pulled by a speed boat around the beach. Usually the speed boat driven by one or two guides. For one round, this game lasts about 15 minutes.

Beautiful scenery on the beach and bright sunlight during the day can be enjoyed by the tourists while playing Bali banana boat. In addition, Tanjung Benoa sea wave is very calm, so this beach is perfect for water sports activities in Bali.

Banana boat rides Bali uses an equipment which meets the international standards. Such as life jackets. The professional guides who accompany you, are well trained and experienced, so the safety and convenience of tourists is prioritize in this activity.

These inflatable boats are made of thick rubber and light weight, so easy to be drawn and directed by speed boat. The distance between the boat straps with speed boat about five meters. The length of rope arranged to facilitate communication between the guides with speed boat driver. This activity is very exciting to do when the waves with the boat crashing on the beach. Tired and bored mind will be fresh again after trying the game.

After touring for 15 minutes, the guide will lead us back to the beach. Usually there is an added attraction offered by guide to the tourists. Banana boat will be reversed by a guide who makes all the passengers wet. If you do not want to get wet, you just say that you don’t want the boats to be reverse when the game is over. It depends of your request, I suggest you to get wet, so much fun!!

[box type=”warning”] This Activity is not my own product, but I do have a good relation with the vendor in Tanjung Benoa, and I can guaranty I have the Best discount for you.[/box]


Banana Boat Price

USD 30 /pax This price is only for Activities, not including any tour packages, pickup time will depend on your plan, I’m strongly suggest you to take this activities including a Full day tour packages which is the tour route is for south of Bali.

  • Water Sport – GWK – Sunset Uluwatu – Seafood Dinner
  • Water Sport – Spa – Seafood Dinner
  • Free South of Bali Full day Tour

What to Bring: You will get wet is your highest Risk, so bring more cloth with you during this activities.[/box]


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