White Water Bali Rafting Safety Guide

Is White Water Bali Rafting Safe? safety level for Children?

The answer is YES, and you may follow our Bali Rafting safety tips below:

Adventure tourism activities in Bali every year has increased demand from foreign tourists and domestic travelers. There are 2 types of adventure tourism in Bali which is now very popular are: Water sport and Bali Rafting Tour.

The activity of rafting is no longer the activity to the professionals or sportsmen. Bali rafting activity has now become a family recreational activities while your holiday in Bali. Because Bali rafting has become a family recreation activities, of course, most of the participants Bali rafting is a novice or first time rafting activities in Bali. For the first time rafting activities or beginner, here some safety tips that you need to know, to have white water rafting in Bali into a pleasant moment.

What are the things that should be known when the activity of Bali rafting tour, we will summarize the safety tips when doing white water Bali Rafting Tour, this is very useful for beginners or who have never tried before activity Bali rafting tour.

White Water Bali Rafting Safety guide

1. Use Safety Equipment Properly


At the time of the rafting activity on the island of Bali, the safety equipment you should wear or use, even if you have frequent Bali rafting activity or an expert in swimming, do not ever forget or refuse to use safety equipment Bali rafting. Rafting safety equipment such as life jackets, helmets and paddles.

Helm rafting very important, can at least protect you from impact with rocks or cliffs of the river when the boat capsized or you fall out of the boat. Boat capsized or fell from the boat is very rare but very possibly may occur.

Redeeming the life jacket and make sure the life jacket fits your body, not too tight and not too lose. If the life jacket is too tight, it will make you difficult to breathe, if too lose life jacket can hit your neck while floating in the water. In addition, you must ensure that all clips in a life jacket attached. If you do not know how to wear a life jacket, you can request a rafting guide to pair a life jacket in your body.

2. Use The Proper Clothes

Bali river water temperature is warm even though the rainy season but if you wear clothing made of material that absorbs water, will certainly affect your body temperature and can drain stamina. Therefore while rafting activities, are encouraged to wear clothing with fabric that does not absorb much water. Like fabric made of polypropylene, wool, polyester, micro fleece and avoid cotton 100%. Do not forget to use sun block to avoid burning the skin from the sun while rafting.

3. Hold Paddle the right way, Use it correctly


Before the activity starts rafting, rafting guide will teach you and all participants will rafting ordinance using a paddle right. By knowing how to hold and use the paddle correctly, can significantly increase the safety while rafting. One one hand you need to hold the handle of the oar shape of the letter “T” and the other hand holding the basic pillars of the paddle.

If you are a left-handed, try to sit on the left side of the boat, if you are a beginner try to sit out the second row of the boat, because the front row passable intimidating for beginners.

4. Follow Rafting Guide Instructions


The role of a rafting guide was very vital in terms of security and safety of participants rafting. To become a rafting guide must follow security and safety training rafting. Besides a rafting guide should recognize each side of the river that passed as the location of a tree branch overhanging the river, the location of a large rock in the middle of the river and the location of the waterfall.

To control the inflatable boat, rafting guide can not do it alone and will require the assistance of rafting participants by means instruct to participants when to paddle. Because it is required for each participant in a boat, must comply with the instruction guide for the sake of safety and security and reduce the risk of boat capsized in the middle of the river.

5. Make sure your Health Conditions

If you are in the status of the medical supervision of a doctor, have acute allergies to dust and have symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress disorder) / post-traumatic stress disorder, you are required to tell you to your rafting conditions. It is difficult for rafting company to maintain your safety while rafting, if they do not know the condition of your health. So health conditions the most important thing when doing Bali rafting tour.

6. Do not Stand Above Boat

If you stand on a rubber boat moving, you will certainly fall into the river. If you fall into the river accidentally, keep the feet facing downstream. Do not panic! It might sound easy to say but hard to do. One thing is for sure, if you panic will not make the problems you face will be completed even become worse and wasting time.

7. Stay Close with your kids

If you with your kids, than you have to give special attention to your children.

This is our White Water Bali Rafting Safety Guide, I hope this can create your rafting memorable and lots of Fun.